• Physical books are heavy, pretentious, and obsolete—stop buying them

    Let me guess. You think that analog books made out of dead trees are better than futuristic digital books made out of electrons? Wouldn't you rather read books on a landfill-grade plastic rectangle that spies on you and sells your data to marketing firms? Like how is that not better for everyone?

    Here are eight reasons why ebooks are unironically the best:

    1. They're not your books. They're content—content that you are licensed to use. You do not own them. So...
  • Rabbit is Rich

    Rabbit Run, John Updike's second novel, was published in 1960. The story of Rabbit Angstrom, a hapless basketball jock adjusting to married life, earned extensive praise and elevated Updike to the first rank of American writers. His next two published novels, The Centaur (1963), and Of the Farm (1965) were acknowledged in polite terms by reviewers but ignored by the reading public.